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Hotel Royal

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Release Date November 5, 2021
Location Paris, France
Remakes None
Release DateLocationRemakes
November 5, 2021Paris, FranceNone

Two months following the successful D-Day invasion, an uprising occurs in Paris by members of a local Resistance. This small, three-lane-like map is great for run and gun combat. – Hotel Royal

outside of hotel royal

Just outside the map are the famous Eiffel Tower and the 775-kilometre-long (482 mi) Seine River. Just across the 19th century, Pont d’Iéna bridge is a large city on fire along with many other local buildings. Many fighter planes can be seen flying overhead in the night sky.


A large painting of Hitler’s former mountain-top base reached by elevator can be seen in the main office area, this is also known as the Eagles Nest, reimagined in the multiplayer map Eagles Nest.

display case

Next to the display case filled with armor is a few toys on a small bench, a Duck that has been seen in many of the World War 2 maps, and a Teddy Bear that has been seen in many Call of Duty maps over the past 10 years.

hotel royal angel

The rooftop of Hotel Royal is scattered with statues of angels, some carrying swords or other weapons and some with hoods on. Some look to match a death angel statue and others look to just have wings. (was not able to find a clear match)

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