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Release Date November 17, 2021
Location Honolulu
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November 17, 2021HonoluluView All

Your Shipment has arrived in Honolulu, Hawaii. Packaging pure chaos in a fun-sized, square-shaped box. – Shipment

outside of shipment

Outside this small military shipment yard is the North Pacific Ocean, players will see the other Hawaiian Islands like Molokai and Lanai. Players will also see many military tents and equipment.

more containers

More containers have been added to provide some vertical battles, this makes the map much more intense as players will now need to watch for enemies overhead. This is similar to the changes seen in Modern Warfare.

red drum

Many red oil drums can be found through shipment, mainly inside the containers that only have one open side. Players will need to be careful if camping inside as just a few bullets will cause them to blow up.

Call of Duty: Vanguard

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