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Release Date November 11, 2008
Location Okinawa, Japan
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November 11, 2008Okinawa, JapanView All

Snipers get the advantage in the large Japanese cliffside jungle, Long range fire fights filled with small bunkers. – Cliffside


A nice beach at the bottom of a Cliffside with a great view of the ocean can be seen just outside the map with ships in the distance.

cliffside plane

Near the center of the map, you can find a burning A6M Zero plane, a long-range fighter aircraft owned by the Imperial Japanese Navy Air Service from the 1940s.


The coconuts aren’t ready just yet but feel free to shoot them out of the palm trees, maybe a fun way to distract an enemy?


In the ocean you can find just one red barrel with a flammable logo on it, If you shoot it you will see a nice little explosion.


Down on the beach near the rock you can see spots of blood. Did someone die from falling off the cliffside or was it from the war that just finished?


The map has lots of bunkers with wooden spike walls and sandbags ready for war, in one of the bunkers you can hear a very creepy whisper.

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