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Release Date November 11, 2008
Location Reichstag, Berlin
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November 11, 2008Reichstag, BerlinView All

Atop a Reichstag, Berlin building is a large war-torn Dome, Great for close quarters with some high ground. – Dome


Buildings on fire and blown apart are the only thing visible on the outside of this small Dome.


A funny poser with a woman and lips can be seen on the wall that says “She’s all ears – Careful what you say!”.


In the hole of the map you can go into spectator mode to see a topless woman engraved into the concrete everywhere.


Don’t fall to your death!! The big pit was uncovered when the statue lid fell over into the center of the map, inside that pit you can also find Nazi flags hanging from the walls of what looks to be a kingdom and if one listens closely you can hear Russians shouting “Uraaaaa” the battle cry that is still used by Russians alongside many more Eastern European armed forces.

Call of Duty: World at War

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