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Equipment in World at War is known as Primary and Secondary Grenades, the Signal Flare is so blinding it’s easy to blind yourself, the Primary Grenades are great for flushing out the enemy.

Primary Grenades


Anti-personnel device that destroys the target with a burst of flying shrapnel.
Unlocked: Default


N° 74ST
Device designed as an anti-tank grenade. Beware, very dangerous.
Unlocked: Default

molotov cocktail

Molotov Cocktail
Incendiary device that harms the target with a radius of fire.
Unlocked: Level 10

Special Grenades


Device that creates a smoke screen when detonated.
Unlocked: Default

tabun gas

Tabun Gas
Device that unleashes a poisonous smoke screen which blurs the vision and impairs movement.
Unlocked: Default

signal flare

Signal Flare
Device that produces an intense light, blinding and disorienting any targets that are in its field of view.
Unlocked: Default

Call of Duty: World at War

Night Light