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Release Date November 11, 2008
Location Berlin, Germany
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November 11, 2008Berlin, GermanyView All

Large tank battle in the middle of Nazi Germany, Lots of cover with plenty of sniping opportunity. – Outskirts


Buildings, black smoke, farms, lots of trees, and roads to nowhere are seen on the outer part of Outskirts.


Climb to the top of the Church to get a good line of sight and view of what’s all going on. If you are down below, be sure to watch for snipers up here. 


Take one of the three controllable tanks that are spread around the map for a spin around the map and use the cannon to takeout the enemy team. Another player can control the turret also! Just remember these things move slow and an experienced player could destroy it quickly, using tank perks can improve its movement, overheat time and reload speed. If you are the one on the turret be sure to watch for snipers as you will be an easy target.

Call of Duty: World at War

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