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Call of Duty Maps
WWII Campaign


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Call of Duty: WWII tells the story of a young recruit in the U.S. First Infantry Division who experiences combat for the first time on D-Day. After surviving the beaches of Normandy, your squad will fight their way across Europe, engaging the enemy in iconic battle locations such as the Hürtgen Forest and the Battle of the Bulge, as they make their way into Germany.

WWII dday

We’re invadin’ Normandy, ’bout to take France back from the Nazis.
Mementos: Nazi Knife, Compass, Pathfinder Patch.
Location: Omaha Beach, France
Date: June 6, 1944

WWII operation cobra

Operation Cobra
It’s seven weeks since D-Day. To break outta Normandy we’re pushin’ inland to secure Marigny. That’s how we’ll control the roadways and plow across France to Paris. Liberation’s comin’ soon.
Mementos: Lighter, Pocket Watch, Gas Mask.
Location: Caen, France
Date: July 25, 1944

WWII stronghold

We’re holed up in a farmhouse outside Marigny. I close my eyes think’ ‘a Hazel, but end up havin’ the dream again.
Mementos: SS Pin, Locket, Fuel Canister.
Location: Marigny, France
Date: July 26, 1944

WWII soe

For a month, we been tightenin’ the noose around the last escapin’ Krauts as we roll towards Paris. But like a cornered rattler, you can bet they got one last strike.
Mementos: White Rose Poster, Dog Collar, Rocket Blueprints.
Location: Falaise, France
Date: August 20, 1944

WWII liberation

This is it. We’re gonna liberate Paris. The French Second Armored Division and the US French Infantry arrive at dawn. That means we move tonight.
Mementos: Liquor Bottle, Propaganda Poster, German Medal.
Location: Paris, France
Date: August 25, 1944

WWII collateral damage

Collateral Damage
We’re in Aachen. Krauts are fightin’ like hell for it, cause it’s the first time one of their cities has been invaded by the Allies. Won’t be the last.
Mementos: Music Sheet, Cigarette Box, Hotel Pen.
Location: Aachen, Germany
Date: October 18, 1944

WWII death factory

Death Factory
After Aachen nothin’s gonna be the same. But we finally got a foothold into Germany. The gateway to the Rhine is open and there’s no turnin’ back. For any of us.
Mementos: German Flare Gun, Food Container, US Army Rations.
Location: Hurtgen, Germany
Date: November 14, 1944

WWII hill 493

Hill 493
Still waitin’ on Pierson. There’s no tellin’ what he’ll do, but his record ain’t exactly stellar. If you were here Paul I know you’d set’im straight. Just hope Zussman and Aiello can hold out ’til we hit those guns together.
Mementos: Bill Fold, Pipe, Journal.
Location: Hurtgen Hill, Germany
Date: November 14, 1944

WWII battle of the bulge

Battle of the Bulge
Six weeks now since Turner was killed and I got promoted. It’s Christmas. We’re diggin’ into the Ardennes Forest in Belgium. So cold we’re pissin’ ice cubes. Gonna be one helluva fight.
Mementos: Camera, Comic Book, US Wings Medal.
Location: Ardennes, Belgium
Date: December 25, 1944

WWII ambush

Pierson’s gone to a dark place. I can feel myself gettin’ dragged down with’im. But I gotta stay sharp if I’m gonna make you proud, brother.
Mementos: Magazine, Silver Flask, German Wings Medal.
Location: Ardennes, Belgium
Date: December 27, 1944

WWII the rhine

The Rhine
With the 9th Armored and the 99th, our mission is to take the Bridge at Remagen. We get across, the last German resistance will crumble.
Mementos: Letter, German Canteen, Beer Stein.
Location: Remagen, Germany
Date: March 7, 1945

WWII epilogue

Time to put this all to an end!! (This is the final mission, playable after completing all the above standard missions)
Locations: Berga, Nazi Germany – Port of Le Havre, France – Longview, Texas
Date: April 4, 1945 – May 30, 1945 – June 13, 1945

Call of Duty: World War 2
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