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Call of Duty Maps

Shi No Numa

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Release Date June 11, 2009
Location Japan
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June 11, 2009JapanView All
Edward Richtofen Tank Dempsey Nikolai Belinski Takeo Masaki

Maggot ridden corpses. Bug infested swamp. Hundreds of undead Imperial Army. Choose your tactic and defend for your lives! – Shi No Numa

Raygun Wunderwaffe DG-2

Raygun – AMMO: 180 Shots – Pack-A-Punched: 240 Shots – Reload: 3 Seconds – Fire Mode: Automatic.
Wunderwaffe DG-2 – AMMO: 18 Shots – Pack-A-Punched: 36 Shots – Reload: 6 Seconds – Fire mode: Automatic

Juggernog Speed Cola Double Tap Rootbeer

Juggernog: Increased health from 100 to 250.
Speed Cola: Cuts reload time in half and builds barriers by 60% faster.
Double Shot Root Beer: Shots two bullets for every one bullet fired, doubling the damage for bullet weapons.


Many types of Power-Ups are available on the map. Max Ammo will give all teammates full ammo, Double Points will grant every player with double the points fill kills and boarding up windows, Insta-Kill will instantly kill zombies with any bullet type for a limited time and Nuke will kill every zombie on the map including zombies that just spawn outside the map area.


The Wall Weapons include the Arisaka, Gewehr 43, M1 Carbine, Thompson, M1 Garand, M1897 Trench Gun, STG-44, MP40, Bar, Type 100, Stielhandgranate and the Bouncing Bettys. Our favorites are the Type 100 and the STG-44.


Every weapon found in World at War can be found inside the Mystery Box. The guns include shotguns, snipers, light machine guns, pistols and many other great weapons like the Ray Gun, a Flamethrower, Molotov Cocktails, and rocket launchers. The Mystery Box costs 950 points.


The Flogger Trap is a rotating wooden trap with long bars and barbed wire attached to it, it will cost 750 points to activate and kills zombies intently no matter the round level. It also takes time to cool down before you can reactivate it again. The Trap will kill players that get in its way, but players and zombie crawlers can both crawl under it and survive.


The first map to feature a Zipline, you can activate it just outside of the doctor’s quarters for a cost of 1500 points. The zipline will take you to the main hut and back down to the doctor’s quarters. Up to four players can ride the zipline at one time, any player not standing on the platform will be left behind. The zipline will also kill zombies and down any players that are in its path.


The Musical Easter Egg on the map can be activated by shooting or using the action button on the telephone found inside the Comm Room. The some that will play is The One, a song from Treyarch Music that is sung by Elena Siegman. Each character will make a comment if they are the one to activate it, Nikolai says “Another music Easter egg, I like this!”. Takeo says “I have discovered a mighty Easter egg of honor!” Richtofen says “Oh an Easter egg that plays music! How wonderful!” and Dempsey will say “What, are they going to put a music Easter egg in every map now?”

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