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Call of Duty Maps


A rural Kastovia train station on the top of a hillside, use the boxcars as cover and the open train tracks to take down the enemy. - Station



A roughly symmetrical, woodland training range with working metal targets beyond the perimeter, and a small grassy area covered in obstacles. Tense gun fights with very little places to hide.


Lethal Equipment

This selection of handheld tools inflicts lethal amounts of damage to enemy infantry. Some also wear down enemy vehicles and other technology. All the equipment is throwable with some being timed explosives and others...


Hackney Yard

Despite its size, there is plenty of depth to the yard, as its three-lane structure and multiple buildings create natural competitive flow and contested areas.



Enjoy the Peaks with some close to medium range combat. One road separates the battles with occasional vehicle combat. - United Offensive


Primary Weapons

Primary Weapons in Modern Warfare 3 range from Assault rifles and snipers to shotguns. Players can even grab a Riot Shield for some bullet-resistant protection.

Night Light