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Exo Ability

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The Exo Ability is a modification option to the Exoskeleton in Call of Duty Advanced Warfare. Each ability provides a different play style option with some giving extra armor and others providing extra movement abilities.

exo shield

Exo Shield
Quickly deploy a portable shield attached to your arm.
Unlocked: Default

exo overclock

Exo Overclock
Gain a temporary speed boost.
Unlocked: Default

exo mute device

Exo Mute Device
Silence your footsteps.
Unlocked: Default

exo stim

Exo Stim
Temporarily generate health beyond normal levels.
Unlocked: Level 3

exo cloak

Exo Cloak
Visually conceal yourself for a short duration.
Unlocked: Level 13

exo hover

Exo Hover
Hover in place for a short duration.
Unlocked: Level 21

exo ping

Exo Ping
Show enemy Exo movement and weapons fire in your HUD.
Unlocked: Level 33

exo trophy system

Exo Trophy System
Destroy up to two incoming enemy projectiles.
Unlocked: Level 45

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