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Release Date March 30, 2021
Location Ural Mountains
Remakes None
Release DateLocationRemakes
March 30, 2021Ural MountainsNone

Here in the Urals is a Soviet experimental health retreat – the focus of a clandestine investigation by NATO forces in September 1984. Low wooded hills provide cover for squads to gain reconnaissance over the main, roughly circular-shaped main “hotel”: a concrete, brutalist architectural behemoth flanked by lakeside structures and a large wooden dock. – Sanatorium


Great View Surround this map, Lots of beautiful lakes and rivers with some large snow-covered mountains in the far distance. The train and the roads lead to a far distance with many small mountains also surrounding the large battle area.


The match starts with all players jumping from a plane with one objective WIN, The best thing to do is find as much loot as possible and stick with your team to take the win. The map is large and has many landing spots, aim for a spot that you can prepare for battle or follow another team down and take what they have.


The main form of transport on Sanatorium is the Sedan with the Wakerunner and Raft also be found at times. Depending on the game mode other vehicles like the Gunboat, Cargo Truck, Sedan, FAV, Hind, and the T-72 Tank could also be used.

loot box

Loot Crates are seen scattered everywhere from the inside of the building to the outskirts that players normally avoid. The crates can contain many things including self-revives, weapons, ammo, Scorestreaks, armor plates, gas vests, heath, and even game mode-related items like uranium.


Ziplines are a great way to get to the top of a building, every Fire Team map has them. Use them to get up or down buildings. These are a great way to get the jump on the enemy below but, be careful as some players will camp them.


Sanatorium has about 40% water coverage, players can swim to other areas or even take a boat. The water can be a safe way of travel, just don’t get run over by a boat. When in a boat, other players will see and hear you coming so travel fast and watch your surroundings.

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