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Release Date June 17, 2021
Location Algeria, North Africa
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Release DateLocationRemakes
June 17, 2021Algeria, North AfricaView All

Stitch has deorbited several satellites for unknown reasons and one of them has crashed in Algeria, near an oil drill site. Adler and team are mobilized to secure the site and sensitive data. – Collateral

collateral start

The match starts with one team riding in on the back of a large truck with the opposing team riding in on ATVs while catching some air on the sand dunes.

outside of the map

Outside of Collateral, you will see much more Wildcat Riggers oil company equipment, The sky is filled with black smoke, and other areas outside the map feature some nice tropical views. Around this large map is lots of sand dunes for as far as the eye can see. Gun up and finish the battle, it’s the only way out!


Ammo crates can be found throughout the map. This is in a high-risk area. Ammo crates are a good way to replenish low ammo.

cars on the map

The Vehicles on Collateral include the two-person dirt bike, which is the fastest way of transport, and the Dune Buggy that has a machine gun mounted to the roof and is always ready for combat.


Many Ziplines are found around the map, a few of them will take you up the large rocks in the center of the map and others will help reach the top of buildings faster.


Many posters can be found in the game room including Mutants VS Nerds “There once was a elf and everyone died”, Dead Ops Arcade 3, Foliage Fighter and Kremlin’s Lair “Take hold of Americas Freedom”.

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