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Release Date August 12, 2021
Location Teufelsberg, Germany
Remakes None
Release DateLocationRemakes
August 12, 2021Teufelsberg, GermanyNone

Stitch sends Kitsune to infiltrate and broadcast the evolved numbers from a U.S. listening station in Germany and active sleeper agents across the globe. – Echelon

outside of echelon

Outside of this rooftop battleground players will see open fields with many other large and small buildings. A small pond and cloud-filled skies.


The map is filled with areas that can be entered by jumping onto vents or hanging platforms, be careful as one missed step could result in falling to your death.

ammo crate

Only one Ammo crate can be found on the map, the location of the crate is next to the hanging platform, a low-key area that makes it very easy to replenish your ammo. Only three small paths lead to the location of the crate, bring a teammate for backup!

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