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Release Date May 6, 2022
Location Vietnam
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May 6, 2022VietnamView All

NATO Special Forces have pinpointed a Warsaw affiliated operations deep within Vietnam. – Jungle

jungle napalm strike

The match begins with a Napalm Strike blasting down the side of the jungle, this area remains on fire for the duration of the match. Players will also see dead animals in the area including pigs.

Jungle out

Outside Jungle you will find a large Temple, a few tents with a helicopter and army equipment along with some jungle houses and a large minefield that will kill players that run into it.

jungle extra

Many different things can be found in one of the huts including many butterflies and bugs inside picture frames and some alcohol that includes Crystal Liquor and Metro Beer. The back of the Metro Beer bottle says: “The simple taste of Metro brew is not unlike a subtle shrew. In the mourn or in the night, this beautiful taste makes angels cry. As you unbind the cap a chorus sings to the glory the pigeon king.”

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