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Release Date March 30, 2021
Location Havana, Cuba
Remakes None
Release DateLocationRemakes
March 30, 2021Havana, CubaNone

Intel indicates that Perseus has smuggled a stolen Greenlight nuke into Havana. – Mansion

outside of mansion

Not much outside this Mansion, mountains surround the area with a few palm trees. A small church can be seen just to the outskirts. The sky is blue with some clouds overcast.

mansion lab

A small lab can be found in the center of the Mansion with many notes scattered inside. The whiteboard has a picture of a sad helicopter and a note saying “Kevin the whiteboard is not for your games! HR”. More notes on the table say “Rogers – What was the name of that waitress at the club in Havana?” and another note “Encryption methods already tried – morse code, the Voynich method, enigma method, Kryptos method, skinwalker code, Vladimir’s hieroglyphs, Binary, and Fortran”

Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War

Night Light