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Release Date November 13, 2020
Location Miami, Florida
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November 13, 2020Miami, FloridaView All

Bullets and blood fly in South Beach, as Perseus causes carnage to free an ally from a prison transport. – Miami

match starts

The match starts with one team speeding into the street of the map in a van and the other team will speed down the beachside in one of the many rafts.

great view of miami

A great view of Miami Beach can be seen just to the outskirts of the maps with many palm trees that surround the map. In the distance, players can see a great city skyline and night skies. Every few minutes a small white boat can be seen passing by in the distance.

ammo crate

Only one ammo crate can be found in the center of the map next to the sports car. This is in a high-risk area. Ammo crates are a good way to replenish low ammo


The map has two areas players can travel while swimming, one in the hotel pool and another on the docks side of the map that allows players to take an alternate route to the objectives.


The hotel swimming pool has a diving board that players can get some good air on before jumping into the pool. The diving board allows the player to jump about 4 times the height of a normal jump.

beer case

The beer brand Phat City and Metro Brew from older Black Ops games are seen inside the diner. “The simple taste of Metro brew is not unlike a subtle shrew. In the mourn or in the night, this beautiful taste makes angels cry. As you unbind the cap a chorus sings to the glory the pigeon king.”

fishing derby game

Two gaming machines are seen on the map. Activision Fishing Derby is a fishing game from Atari in 1980 and Activision Barnstorming is a biplane flaying game released on Atari in 1982.

miami history

Some Miami Beach history can be seen on the wall inside the visitor’s center with many pictures.
1970 – William Brickell establishes trading post across Miami River
1884 – First hotel! The Peacock Inn
1889 – First school opens
1896 – Florida East Coast Railway
1897 – City of Miami Cemetery
1899 – Telephone service begins
1900 – Miami Woman’s club
1900 – Miami Club
1906 – Miami automobile parade
1910 – Halcyon Hotel
1917 – Elser Pier
1912- First airport established
1920 – The population hits 30 thousand!
1920 – First ever bathing suit parade
1925 – Bayfront Park opens
1930 – Miami Beach Casino
1933 – Mayor Anton Cermak killed by Anarchist
1938 – Fairchild Tropical Botanical Gardens open
1940 – Historical Association of South Florida
1949 – WTVJ Television begins broadcasting
1950 – Cape Florida Lighthouse
1950 – Braniff Airways Poster
1953 – Winston Churchill visits Miami
1965 – Cuban exiles freedom flights
1964 – Mohammed Ali beats Sony Liston for Heavyweight Champ of the World
1966 – Miami Dolphins enter AFL
1972 – Republican National Convention
1972 – Democratic National Convention
1976 – Miami Art Deco Historic District
lastly a picture of the Miami Skyline TODAY!

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