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Tactical Equipment

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Tactical equipment does not typically deal lethal damage, but rather provides a potential strategic advantage within or outside of combat, such as confusing an enemy. Grab the Stimshot to give yourself a health boost, use a decoy to confuse them, or another to impair the enemy’s vision.

stun grenade

Stun Grenade: Disorients enemies and slows movement. Detonates shortly after impact.
Unlocked: Default

stim shot

Stimshot: Reusable stimulant that initiates healing immediately. Takes 11 seconds to recharge.
Unlocked: Level 6

smoke grenade

Smoke Grenade: Produces a smoke screen on impact.
Unlocked: Level 18

flash bang

Flashbang: Blinds enemies and impairs hearing. Detonates shortly after being thrown.
Level 36


Decoy: Simulates footsteps to confuse enemies.
Unlocked: Level 47

Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War
Night Light