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Release Date September 9, 2021
Location Ural Flats, Soviet Union
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September 9, 2021Ural Flats, Soviet UnionView All

Decoded massages reveal that a Soviet Zoo is being utilized as a Nova 6 distribution center. – Zoo

outside of the zoo

Outside the Zoo is a large city, city streets are empty and many signs featuring the Zoo can be seen along with a bright blue sky with little overcast.

ammo crate

Only one Ammo Crate can be found, it’s located near the center of the map, a good location for both teams to replenish ammo. Players will need to watch the multiple pathways that lead to the crate while resupplying ammo.

zoo park

Welcome to Zoo Park (ЗОО ПАРК) The Zoo once held some of the world’s animals like Deer, Tigers, Lions, Elk, Monkeys, Sloths, Elephants, Lizards, and even large Grizzly Bears. Many different shows like Tiger Taming and Elephants doing tricks were also featured here in 1959, now it’s just a ghost town!

zoo flags

The large flags hang from the building outside the map can be translated from Russian to: “Death or Freedom, Our homeland never falls”

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