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Call of Duty Maps


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The hallmark intensity of Call of Duty returns with an epic single-player campaign that takes players deep behind enemy lines as an elite Black Ops soldiers engaging in covert warfare, classified operations, and explosive conflicts across the globe.

operation 40

Operation 40
Undertake a daring assassination attempt during the Bay of Pigs invasion.
Location: Villa Clara, Cuba
Date: April 17, 1961


Escape from Vorkuta; a brutal Soviet Labor Camp in northern Russia.
Location: Vorkuta, Komi ASSR, Russian SFSR, Soviet Union
Date: October 6, 1963


Back on Us soil. Meet with senior officials to discuss the threat posed by General Dragovich.
Location: Arlington, Virginia, USA
Date: November 10, 1963

executive order

Executive Order
Infiltrate the Baikonur Cosmodrome and eliminate Dragovich and the Ascension scientists.
Location: Baikonur, Kyzylorda, Kazakh SSR, USSR
Date: November 17, 1963


Head to Vietnam and work with old allies to investigate Soviet presence in the region.
Location: Khe Sanh Combat Base, Khe Sanh, Quảng Trị, South Vietnam
Date: January 21, 1968

the defector

The Defector
At the height of the TET offensive, enter the MACV building to secure vital intelligence on Soviet plans for the region.
Location: Huế, Thừa Thiên, South Vietnam
Date: February 2, 1968


Investigate the extent of Project Nova by interrogating one of Dragovich’s former associates.
Location: Kowloon Walled City, Hong Kong
Date: February 9, 1968

project nova

Project Nova
Learn of the origins of Project Nova.
Location: Baffin Island, Nunavut, Canada, in the Arctic Circle
Date: October 29, 1945

victor charlie

Victor Charlie
Search for evidence of Soviet presence within the villages of Northern Vietnam.
Location: Southern DMZ, Quảng Trị, South Vietnam
Date: February 9, 1968

crash site

Crash Site
Journey by river into Laotian territory, in search of Dragovich’s compound.
Location: Khammouane, Laos
Date: February 11, 1968


Strike at the heart of Project Nova, deep behind enemy lines.
Location: Mount Yamantau, Ural Mountains
Date: February 18, 1968


Torture at the hands of the enemy only feeds the hunger for revenge.
Location: Sekong, Laos
Date: February 19, 1968


Infiltrate the Project Nova Research labs and capture DR Steiner.
Location: Rebirth Island, Aral Sea, Soviet Union
Date: February 23, 1968


Uncover the truth.
Location: Room 9, National Security Agency Facility, USA
Date: February 25, 1968


Destroy the numbers station and kill Dragovich before Project Nova is initiated.
Location: Rusalka and Underwater Numbers Station, Gulf of Mexico
Date: February 26, 1968

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