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Firing Range

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Release Date November 9, 2010
Location Guantánamo Bay, Cuba
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November 9, 2010Guantánamo Bay, CubaView All

Military practice facility. Hectic Domination games. – Firing Range


A runway full of F-4 Phantoms can be seen outside Firing Range next to the beach along with training areas and shooting ranges all around the maps battle are.


A sign located outside of the map near the runway says you are entering Quarantine the GATEWAY TO HELL. With the name Mike Curran on it, he played a key role from World at War to Black Ops 4 as an Artist and also did some voice work.


On the small red shed next to the garage on the wall it says “Come back soon, Next time bring beer”

firing range ammo crate

The ammo crates around the map have bullets that are labeled TANK DEMPSEY, One of the main Zombies Characters. Next to the ammo crate, you can see cans labeled Treyarch.


Shooting the targets cause effects from the target spinning, falling over and red lights blinking.


You can see a Huey just outside of the spawn on the bathroom side that has an Ace of spades on the front with the words “Get Some” on the side.

firing range teddy bear

A bloody teddy bear can be found in the rafters of building 3 “The car shop”.


The Pack-a-Punch flag from Zombies can be found everywhere around this map. “Please Wait”

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