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Release Date November 9, 2010
Location Baikonur Cosmodrome
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November 9, 2010Baikonur CosmodromeView All

Battle at the launch pad of this cosmodrome. Perfect for any game mode. – Launch


Spotlight towers, dusty desert grounds, Buildings, and rockets in the distance that launch mid-game can be seen outside of Launch.


At the start of the game you will hear buzzers going off, Russian speaking, and the rocket arm detaching to be centered in the map.


Mid game the boarding platforms are removed from the rock, Russian countdown begins and the Russian Soyuz 2 rocket takes off into the sky, anyone standing under or near the rocket will die from the jets. As the rocket takes off the map also fills with smoke.


Blueprints breaking down the rocket size and specs can be found in the Cooling Control Station with security cameras also recording spots around the map.

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