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Release Date September 14, 2004
Location Italy
Remakes None
Release DateLocationRemakes
September 14, 2004ItalyNone

A large hillside in Italy is a great place for war, grab a tank to run down enemies or stay inside the buildings to keep cover. Great for any game style. – United Offensive – Italy

italy out

Players will see more farm fields outside the map along with many large hills, rocks, and trees. The sky above is a dark purple with moderate cloud coverage and the sun just starting to show itself between the clouds.

italy flak gun

Flak 88 Guns can be found around the map and controlled by players; each one can’t be destroyed. They are very powerful anti-tank weapons, capable of destroying tanks with at most two shots and tank destroyers with at most three.

italy vehicles

Four vehicles are available around the map, the American M4 Sherman Tank, the Panzer IV Tank, The Willy Jeep with a mounted M2 Browning Machine Gun and the Horch 1a that has an MG42 mounted machine gun. Tanks are Very slow and powerful while the Jeep and Horch are quick and accommodating.

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