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Release Date September 14, 2004
Location Kharkov
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September 14, 2004KharkovView All

A large Ukrainian City tore up from war, many buildings, open streets, and vehicles make for a large open battle. Use the building as cover and flank routes. – United Offensive – Kharkov

Kharkov out

The view outside the map is similar to the map Berlin, looks like everything in the far distance around the map is on fire and completely destroyed, just to the outskirts players will see a few small fires and many more buildings that are partially destroyed.

Kharkov planes

About every minute players can see and hear planes flying overhead, these planes look to be Messerschmitt Bf 109s. A German World War II fighter aircraft was introduced in 1937 with over 33,000 built. Each one comes equipped with underwing Cannons and MG131 Machine Guns. 


Players can use two tanks on this large map, the Russian T-34 with a cannon and an SG-43 machine gun on its top and the German Panzer IV that also has a cannon and an MG42 machine gun strapped to the top. Players will also find a SU-152 and an Elefant, these are known as tank destroyers and equipped with Cannons and heavy machine guns, destroyers have high health compared to the standard tanks found across the map.


Players will find the Horch 1a that seats 3 players and also has an MG42 heavy machine gun mounted in the back that can turn 360 degrees. Also found on the map is the Gaz-67b that also seats three players and has an SG-43 Goryunov heavy machine gun mounted in the back that can also maneuver 360 degrees.

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