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Call of Duty Maps

La Bourgade

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Release Date January 27, 2007
Location Périers, France
Remakes None
Release DateLocationRemakes
January 27, 2007Périers, FranceNone

One of the largest maps provides a great opportunity for Snipers. This old town in Périers, France is a place you will remember. – La Bourgade


Sun shining strongly through the clouds is what players will see above the map, outside the battle area is many more buildings and churches along with many destroyed buildings and roads.


La Bourgade features drivable motorbikes, one is a BMW R75 and the other is a Harley. Both motorbikes are the same speed, have sidecars, and allow the passenger to turn a full 360 degrees while using weapons. Bikes are the fastest drivable vehicles in Call of Duty 3 and have an e-brake for quick stopping or sliding.


In the game modes Battle and Team Battle only half the map is playable. In other modes, the full map is available with the addition of tanks and jeeps. This map also shares some similarities to the World at War Map Outskirts. 

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