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Stalag 23

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Release Date January 27, 2007
Location Metz, France
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January 27, 2007Metz, FranceView All

A German prisoner-of-war camp, use all the buildings and alleyways to get the jump on the enemy or use a tower to watch over them. – Stalag 23


Just to the outskirts of the map is many more lookout towers and tall thick trees, in the far distance players will see some large hills covered in farmland. The sky is blue with some cloud coverage and little sun.


This dirty prisoner camp is filled with dead rats; players will find the rats inside the sleeping quarters of the camp.


A random Easter Egg can be seen by looking at the small house next to the truck from a distance, when zoomed in a random sign will appear that is a large Skull with Flames around it and the words “Waiting for you” at the bottom. It can’t be seen up close and requires distance. Jumping on one of the green roofs will work best.

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