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Call of Duty Maps

Tactical Equipment

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Tactical Equipment is great for distracting the enemies, jam the enemy map, defend an area from enemy projectiles or even smoke them out. The Nano Shot can regenerate your health if needed.

personal radar

Personal Radar
Activated sensor array that tracks enemy location by heat signature.
Unlocked: Default

cryo mine

Cryo Mine
Magnetic mine that releases a supercoolant cloud, hindering movement systems.
Unlocked: Default

jammer grenade

Jammer Grenade
Jams enemy mini-map, movement, and aiming systems. Effective against equipment.
Unlocked: Level 6

dome shield

Dome Shield
Deployable electromagnetic dome that blocks projectiles.
Unlocked: Level 20

trophy system

Trophy System
Deployable autonomous defense system that destroys up to two incoming explosives.
Unlocked: Level 26

smoke grenade

Smoke Grenade
Creates a smoke screen that blocks vision and automated targeting systems.
Unlocked: Level 38

blackout grenade

Blackout Grenade
Stuns enemies, causing vision and hearing loss.
Unlocked: Level 44

nano shot

Nano Shot
Activated combat stimulant that super-charges health regeneration.
Unlocked: Level 51

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