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Call of Duty Maps

Lethal Equipment

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Lethal Equipment is your best option to flush out an enemy from hiding or protect an area for yourself and your team. Most will kill on impact and others will disorient the enemy.

cluster grenade

Cluster Grenade
Cookable grenade that explodes in a series of smaller blasts.
Unlocked: Default

exploding drone

Exploding Drone
Launched aerial drone that explodes on impact or remotely.
Unlocked: Default

plasma grenade

Plasma Grenade
Sticky grenade that sprays burning plasma in all directions.
Unlocked: Level 4

seeker grenade

Seeker Grenade
Autonomous sticky device that seeks out nearby enemies and explodes.
Unlocked: Level 10

trip mine

Trip Mine
Magnetic mine that detonates when an enemy interrupts the beam.
Unlocked: Level 18


Rocket propelled system that delivers a timed, sticky plastique payload.
Unlocked: Level 25

flechette grenade

Flechette Grenade
Splits into multiple propelled grenades on impact.
Unlocked: Level 30

black hole projector

Black Hole Projector
Crates a singularity that pulls in enemies with crushing force.
Unlocked: Level 35


High explosives tat stick to surfaces and can be detonated remotely.
Unlocked: Level 41

bio spike

Bio Spike
Thrown ballistic knife that explodes on enemy impact. Can be recovered after use.
Unlocked: Level 50

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