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Strike Packages

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Strike Packages are rewards given for kills, Assault resets upon death but provides the player with the deadliest options as Support persists through death and is set to provide added support for your team. Specialists give the player extra perks but also resets upon death.



Shows enemies on the minimap.
Required: 3 Kills

care package

Care Package
Airdrop a random killstreak.
Required: 4 Kills


The Intelligent Munitions System detects and eliminates enemy combatants.
Required: 5 Kills

predator missile

Predator Missile
Remote Control Missile.
Required: 5 Kills

sentry gun

Sentry Gun
Airdrop a placeable Sentry Gun.
Required: 5 Kills

precision airstrike

Precision Airstrike
Call in a directional airstrike.
Required: 6 Kills

attack helicopter

Attack Helicopter
Call in a support helicopter.
Required: 7 Kills

strafe run

Strafe Run
Strafing Run of 5 Attack Helicopters.
Required: 9 Kills

ah6 overwatch

AH-6 Overwatch
Get personal air support from an AH-6 Overwatch.
Required: 9 Kills


Lase missile targets remotely from the Reaper UAV.
Required: 9 Kills

assault drone

Assault Drone
Airdrop an Assault Drone.
Required: 10 Kills


Be the gunner of an AC-130.
Required: 12 Kills

pave low

Pave Low
Heavily armored assault helicopter.
Required: 12 Kills


Receive advanced armor via Care Package.
Required: 15 Kills

osbrey gunner

Osprey Gunner
Be the gunner of an Osprey delivering several Care Package.
Required: 17 Kills



Shows enemies on the minimap.
Required: 4 Kills

counter uav

Temporarily disables enemy radar.
Required: 5 Kills

ballistic vests

Ballistic Vests
Deploy a bag of Ballistic Vests for your team.
Required: 5 Kills

airdrop trap

Airdrop Trap
Kill enemies with a booby-trapped airdrop crate.
Required: 5 Kills

sam turret

Sam Turret
Automated SAM turret that destroys aerial killstreaks.
Required: 8 Kills

recon drone

Recon Drone
Control a Recon Drone, targeting enemies for your team.
Required: 10 Kills

advanced uav

Advanced UAV
Call in a Orbital Recon that shows the direction your enemy is facing.
Required: 12 Kills

remote sentry

Remote Sentry
Toss a small turret and remotely control it.
Required: 12 Kills

stealth bomber

Stealth Bomber
Airstrike undetectable on enemy maps.
Required: 14 Kills


Temporarily disables enemy electronics.
Required: 18 Kills

juggernaut recon

Juggernaut Recon
Receive advanced armor via Care Package.
Required: 18 Kills

escort airdrop

Escort Airdrop
An Osprey delivers and defends several Care Packages.
Required: 18 Kills


Drop a Bomb on the entire map. Similar to the Tactical Nuke.
Required: 25 unassisted kills using only your weapon. Obtainable with any Strike Package.


Earn extra perks through your streak. The streak and rewards reset upon death.
Pick three perks and get rewarded one after every two kills, six kills will equip all three perks.

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