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Release Date November 4, 2016
Location Chinatown, San Francisco
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November 4, 2016Chinatown, San FranciscoView All

Small city at night. Great for any mode. – Chinatown


Look outside of Chinatown to find a nice bright moon just over the city skyline.


Need a Window mounted machine gun? You can find them here in Chinatown with some good line sights.


Spray painted on the walls you can see an angry panda. Kungfu Panda must be in the area.


Inside the Golden Dragon DVD store you can find lots of great titles from Sci-Fi / Fantasy “Over here geeks”, Anime “Amazing scrolling backgrounds”, Family Fun “Everyone loves speaking furry things”, Drama “The untrue story of”, Action “Run jump gun car boom & monosyllabic movies”, Comedy “ha. Ha. Ha. Very funny”, New “you already download it” And lastly we can’t forget the Adults Only section.

Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare Remastered

Night Light