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Release Date December 18, 2019
Location London Gateway, England
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Release DateLocationRemakes
December 18, 2019London Gateway, EnglandView All

Based near the main port of Verdansk. This famous returning map is known for some of the fastest gun fights in the franchise. The super small favorite returns with a twist. Always Look Up! – Shipment

outside of Shipment

Outside of shipment you will see nothing but more shipping containers and cranes for loading them onto cargo ships. Not much for scenery here!


Unlike other map versions of the Shipment in the past you can jump on top of some of the containers, this allows for more routes and spots to trap your enemies. The shipping containers being stacked make it harder for players to toss grenades around the map.  


Inside one of the containers you will see a radioactive bomb on a skid that has a small leak with a tripod next to it. The tripod is set up to trigger the bomb.

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