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Atlas Superstore

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Release Date February 11, 2020
Location Kastovia (Russia)
Remakes None
Release DateLocationRemakes
February 11, 2020Kastovia (Russia)None

A supercenter warehouse that has been taken over by Al-Qatala forces. Battle in dense lanes of traffic, over fallen shelving, and throughout the shipping, receiving, and employee-only areas. Clean up on aisle six! – Atlas Superstore

outside of atlas superstore

In the far distance outside of the map you will see the sun setting and snow-covered mountains with many buildings and other stores just outside of Atlas Superstore. If you look hard enough you will also see another Burger Town in the distance.

starting a match on atlas superstore

At the start of the match both teams will fly in on helicopters, sliding down the ropes to join their teammates that are already waiting below. As your feet hit the ground that match begins.


Inside the superstore you can stop by the Burger Town for a snack, this famous burger place has been seen in Call of Duty games starting with Modern Warfare 2. Are you hungry?


ACTIBASE gaming consoles are seen in the electronics store, these gaming machines are for playing Call of Duty. On the back of the box you will see gameplay from Extinction and Modern Warfare 2.


Just inside the building you will find a center display with lots of stuffed animals on it. You will see Teddy Bears and many others that are also seen in the Easteregg on the Multiplayer map Cargo.


Lots of crates are seen scattered around the map with the ZAKHAFV ARMS logo on printed on the sides. Imran Zakhaev is an Ultranationalist and arms dealer and one of the two main antagonists of the Spec Ops story and known as the main antagonist in Call of Duty 4, He was later killed by John “Soap” MacTavish with a M1911 Pistol.


Risky Parkour is a playable Trial on this map. Collect Dogtags to finish the course as quickly as possible. Beware of the heavy toxic gas on low ground. Your loadout will be the Combat Knife. You only have 3 attempts to get the most experience points as possible. 5000 points if you get 1 star, 7500 for 2 stars, and 10,000 if you can get 3 stars.


This multiplayer map can be played in the Special Ops Survival Mode, up to four players can play against enemy forces and fight off waves of increasingly difficult and determined combatants in a variety of experiences and unlock bonus in-game content along the way.

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