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Euphrates Bridge

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Release Date October 25, 2019
Location Urzikstan (Russia)
Remakes None
Release DateLocationRemakes
October 25, 2019Urzikstan (Russia)None

Located outside of Haditha, Urzikstan is this deserted roadside compound and travel center. Blown-out houses, destroyed busses and a neglected bridge provides great line of sight from above with intense assault rifle battles below. – Euphrates Bridge

outside of Euphrates Bridge

Building as far as the eye can see outside of Euphrates Bridge with a small waterway just to the outskirts. Lots of smoking buildings, mountains, and a bright blue sky is also seen.

at the start of the match

Starting this match off is one team flying in on one of two helicopters with the opposite team riding in on one of two tanks, the helicopters can be seen flying overhead as the tanks will remain in the spawn for the remaining time of the match.

invasion seen outside of Euphrates Bridge

Jumping into spectating mode and exploring the outskirts will bring back some memories from Modern Warfare 2 as you will see the full map layout of Invasion. The details are low in quality but it is very easy to see the full layout is here.

bombed buss on Euphrates Bridge

The center bridge is rigged with explosives, the bus is packed, beneath the bridge is set and all the overhead beams are ready. All that is waiting is the explosion to happen. Can we find a way to make it happen?


Marksman Challenge is a Trial that can be played on the map to earn extra experience points. Engage waves of long distance targets and beat the clock. Missed shots burn time. Your loadout will be the .50 GS and you will have 3 attempts. 3,500 points if you get 1 star, 4,000 for 2 stars and 4,250 if you can get 3 stars. You can run the Trial again using the Dragunov to get some extra points or just use another gun.

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