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Hackney Yard

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Release Date October 25, 2019
Location London, England
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October 25, 2019London, EnglandView All

Despite its size, there is plenty of depth to the yard, as its three-lane structure and multiple buildings create natural competitive flow and contested areas. – Hackney Yard

outside of Hackney Yard

Just outside of Hackney Yard you will see many ships and sailboats floating fast in the river with lots of shipping containers and tall buildings around the rest of the map. You will also see and hear a train the runs down the tracks just overhead.

starting a match on Hackney Yard

One team will ride in on helicopters and slides down the ropes as the time counts down as the other team shows up in a van, When you just out of the van its game time. Keep your guns up and ready on this map.

Hackney Yard night

The map has a night variant that can be played in many different game modes, Night mode requires Night Vision Goggles to navigate, these goggles will active automatically. And, most weapons gain a Laser attachment for precision when aiming in the dark, lasers can also give away your position, so don’t just point your gun at anything.


In the night version you can find green lights on many of the walls, below the light you will find a control panel that will turn on the lights in rooms nearby. Every night map has extra lights that are on from car headlights to even small lanterns scattered around the battle area.


You can find a map and pictures inside the large garage of the Piccadilly terrorist attacks. This same map was seen in the campaign level Clean House where you need to clear a house that is housing the Al-Qatala members who organized the Piccadilly terrorist attacks.

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Night Light