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Release Date August 5, 2020
Location Kastovia (Russia)
Remakes None
Release DateLocationRemakes
August 5, 2020Kastovia (Russia)None

Use hay bales and agricultural equipment scattered around the map as cover. A deceptively simple layout, you’ll discover a honeycomb of flank routes that take you in and around the barn, designed primarily for quick close-quarter combat. – Livestock


Livestock is located at Krovnik Farmland and is surrounded by more of the Warzone map. Farm fields, silos, and farm equipment are seen scattered around the map.


The Demonic Goat Easter Egg can be unlocked by finding and shooting two yellow Ducks, two Plaid Bears, two Elephants, and Two normal Teddy Bears. The matching stuffed animals must be shot at the same time, if done correctly two new Teddy Bears will spawn on the floor in the center of the barn, shoot them at the same time also and the Demonic Goats will spawn into the map, each goat is holding a weapon or farm tools and will go after the players to kill them.


Shooting Range is the playable Trial on this map. Locate and shoot all targets in the area as quickly as possible while conserving ammunition. Your loadout will be Assorted Weapons. You only have 3 attempts to get the most experience points as possible. 5000 points if you get 1 star, 7500 for 2 stars, and 10,000 if you can get 3 stars.

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