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Call of Duty Maps

Petrov Oil Rig

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Release Date August 5, 2020
Location Classified
Remakes None
Release DateLocationRemakes
August 5, 2020ClassifiedNone

Expect to engage in close to mid-range combat, with a few longer sightlines that give marksman or sniper rifles potential counter-play opportunities against their CQB and mid-distance counterparts. – Petrov Oil Rig


Many other Oil Rigs are seen outside of the battle area with many icebergs in the distance along with lightning and dark skies. Just outside the battle area is the ocean, watch your step or you will plummet into the freezing waters to your death.


Both teams fly into there spawn areas at the start of the map, some players sliding down the ropes as others just step out of the helicopter. All the helicopters are seen flying around overhead as you head into battle.


Inside the living quarters, you can find an arcade shooting game called War Beast, it’s a first-person shooter game that looks like what call of duty would have been like in an arcade.

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Night Light