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Winter Docks

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Release Date December 18, 2019
Location London, UK
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December 18, 2019London, UKView All

Situated on a fairly quiet dock in London and decorated for the holiday. Grab a snowball and start your fight to victory. You might even see Santa! – Winter Docks


Outside of Winter Docks you can find many large Christmas trees decorated for the holiday season along with a large moon in the dark sky, calm cold water with boat docks, and many building to the opposite side. The outskirts are also covered in snow with Christmas lights on many of the fences and buildings.


This map has one great Easter Egg to celebrate the holidays, A note can be seen on the wall of one of the rooms that say “Santa, We’re having problems with the sleigh. We’ll need to add a little boost. What time are you planning on leaving? VFX Team” This sounds like something from back to the future, you can find the key to the sleigh handing on a hook labeled “12”, Shooting the weather vane above the clock tower right at 12 will give you a great surprise. You will see Santa’s sleigh fly overhead with Riley the dog from Call of Duty Ghosts leading the sleigh and Captain Price Sitting in the sleigh with a large Teddy Bear sitting in the back.


The map has many Snow Man that can be shot at, shooting them cause them to blow up into snow clouds. The map also has a featured playlist where the only weapon is snowballs. It takes 3 snowballs to kill your enemy. The gunfight playlist also forces the first round to have only snowballs and all other rounds being guns and snowballs. Enjoy the fight!


The map is filled with toys, Christmas decorations, and presents. The gifts under the tree have names on them and the stocking on the fireplace say Happy Holidays.

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