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Release Date August 24, 2022
Location Times Square, NY
Remakes None
Release DateLocationRemakes
August 24, 2022Times Square, NYNone

The Statue of Liberty’s head and torch-bearing arm lie smashed in the streets of the Big Apple, setting ablaze the floors over the Red Saxophone Lounge. Its small-to medium-sized layout encourages constant battle, while its interior spaces and flanking routes serve up plentiful tactical opportunities. – Beheaded

beheaded out

Outside of Beheaded is the Statue of Liberty with a missing head and torch, filling the night sky with thick black smoke. Players will also see many billboard signs and tall skyscrapers surrounding the battle area, lighting up the dark night sky.

beheaded movies

The Dudson Theatre is featuring many movie titles including “Murder in Casablanca” The poster shows the multiplayer map along with three actors. Many of the movie posters have the Operator’s names from Vanguard on them as actors.
Other Movie titles include Attack of the 120 ft. Gnome “Smashing terror 120 feet high! Run for your lives!!”, Hillsdale Drive “Suspense Murder Mystery”, My Hubby is an Alien from Mars “We comes from outer space”, The Undersea Beast “Run for your lives! Nothing can stop it!”, Where’s My Tricycle? “The strangest tricycle ever ridden!!” and MORE!!

beheaded record store

The Record Store is filled with many records, some of these include Tommy Tides “Red Velvet Jacket”, Travis Jones “The Latest Sensation”, Lady Edith’s “Greatest soprano of our generation”, Donald Martinson’s “Voice of Gold” and many others


Beheaded is scattered with billboards, some include Sugar Wafers, Old Fashion Root Bear, America’s Finest Motor Oil, Jones Motors, Ray’s Pop Fizz Cola, Fosterville National Bank, Keep Democracy From Dying, for victory buy bonds, and many others including advertisements for the stores seen around the map like The Worlds Famous Mama Joes Diner.

beheaded duck

Find the Rubber Duck yet? We found four, two in the window of the Italian Pasta House, one behind Mama Joes Diner, and one in the hand of a mannequin inside the Cheranti’s Boutique.

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