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Release Date July 27, 2022
Location Pacific Ocean
Remakes None
Release DateLocationRemakes
July 27, 2022Pacific OceanNone

Home to a crash site and an invaluable listening post, Desolation takes Operators to a mountainous village in the Pacific where close-quarters combat reigns. – Desolation

Desolation outside

Just outside this mountainous village is many large mountains surrounded by the ocean. Players will see many small boats tied up around the ocean side docks with a large crashed Heavy Bomber plane on the opposite side. Many other small buildings are seen on the outskirts along with lots of thick foliage.

Desolation cave

The map has a large Cave area with many candles providing light. Inside the cave, players will see many small ancient statues, wooden masks, old weapons, bowls, and fresh fruit.

Desolation duck

Have you found the Rubber Ducky on Desolation yet? As normal, each map has a yellow rubber duck hidden within them, this one was hard to find but players can find it in the main village spawn area under a building on top of a pile of firewood.

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