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USS Texas 1945

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Release Date June 22, 2022
Location Pacific Ocean
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June 22, 2022Pacific OceanView All

Anchored just offshore, a legendary battleship returns for another bout of combat. Keep your head above water and keep above the main deck to keep this battleship on lockdown. – USS Texas 1945

USS Texas 1945 outside

Outside of the USS Texas is the Pacific Ocean along with many views of surrounding mountains and a large shipyard all under a dark cloud-filled sky with little sun. Also seen in the distance is a double rainbow with a destroyed ship at the end of it.

USS Texas 1945 weather

The current weather is light rain changing to heavy with a high of 58 Fahrenheit and a low of 42. The wind is 8 knots and steady at 7 knots but increasing to 12 knots. The forecast is cloudy with calm winds and a humidity of 50% along with a temperature of 45 Fahrenheit and a pressure of 29.99. Visibility will be 8 miles.

USS Texas 1945 posters

The map is scattered with army posters with many different quotes: “Join up brothers, we need you to win this war”, “We got the metal to finish the fight”, “Loose talk costs lives” and “Bring the fight back to them!”

USS Texas 1945 duck

Vanguard maps have featured yellow ducks that players can find in random locations, this map has two that players can find, one in the main area of the ship in a locker and the other in a locker next to some pictures in the living quarters. Also found in the living quarters is a book named “The Heart Sutra” a Buddhism book about the Perfection of Wisdom.

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