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vanguard fourth reich


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Although most of the missions take place in a conflict whose story is told on multiple fronts, they reflect how five ordinary soldiers became heroes, ultimately resulting in what the game’s Campaign is all about — The origins of the original Special Forces — Task Force One — stopping what could have destroyed the world long after the war was over.

vanguard phoenix

Nazi Germany, the final push into the heart of darkness. Arthur and six others have been recruited to retrieve the top-secret files for project Phoenix. This was meant to be the first and only mission.
Location: Hamburg, Nazi Germany
Date: April 1945

vanguard operation tonga

Operation Tonga
If your meant to lead you to have to know what it’s like to lose men, to have them die trusting you, the first time Arthur did was on D-Day.
Location: Normandy, France
Date: June 1944

vanguard stalingrad

Polina Petrova is at home with her family when a large attack happens on Stalingrad grounds, Polina will need to fight for her life and save her family, this is the event that will make Polina a strong soldier.
Location: Stalingrad, Soviet Union
Date: August 1942

battle of midway

The Battle of Midway
Destroy two Japanese carriers, the entire war is on the line. Wade will need to fly an intense air battle to provide cover. The battle of Midway is a great story the Wade will always remember.
Location: Pacific Ocean
Date: June 1942

numa numa trail

Numa Numa Trail
Crashlanding on bougainville island and captured by the Japanese, Wade will need to fight his way off bougainville island in the battle of Numa Numa Trail.
Location: bougainville island
Date: November 1943

lady nightingale

Lady Nightingale
Surrounded by Nazis, the team will need to fight their way out. The plan is to put on a show for Richter as they have come too far to give up on getting the files.
Location: Stalingrad, Soviet Union
Date: January 1943

rats of tobruk

The Rats of Tobruk
Lucus and others will need to Ambush Nazi supplies in Tobruk, Libya. Post up and wait for the convoy to arrive. The event should have gotten Lucus and the rats a reward, but the reward was some time in the brick.
Location: Tobruk, Lybia
Date: March 1941

battle of el alamein

The Battle of El Alamein
Lucus had the untold story and Richter is eating it up, marching into the gates of hell, and attacking the Nazi front line. Not all plans are as they seem!
Location: El Alamein, Egypt
Date: October 1942

vanguard fourth reich

The Fourth Reich
Take the tunnels and prevent Freisingers escape, end this war in flames! Those secret files are so close the team can taste them. The team will complete the missions and uncover many other secrets!
Location: Berlin, Nazi Germany
Date: May 1945

The Team

campaign arthur

The heart of Task Force One, Kingsley commands with kindness. Determined to beat the Axis, he will lead the team against overwhelming odds to face the darkest of dangers.

ampaign polina

Born and raised in Stalingrad, Petrova is the sharpshooter of the squad. She has sworn vengeance upon the Reich for invading her homeland and taking her life away.

campaign lucas

The demolitions expert from down under. Loud but efficient, Riggs never found a problem he couldn’t solve with explosives. He’s always ready to blow stuff up.

campaign wade

The hotshot maverick from Brooklyn. Driven by adrenaline, he’s damn good at what he does and will never let you forget it.

campaign richard

Kingsley’s right-hand man, friend, and confidant. A master strategist with a dry wit, Webb always has a quick solution to even the trickiest situation.

Call of Duty: Vanguard
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