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Call of Duty Maps


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Release Date November 5, 2021
Location United Kingdom
Remakes None
Release DateLocationRemakes
November 5, 2021United KingdomNone

Training course for Special Forces. This medium-sized map comprises a mock town complete with “homes” and “businesses” made up of construction materials and plywood. – Decoy

outside of decoy

Just to the outskirts of Decoy, you will see some fake wooden cows wearing rubber boots along with lots of local farmland and many tall trees. In the far distance, large mountains can be seen.


“Caution Enemy is Listening” Is a sign seen in many spots of the map included in the sleeping quarters. Another Teddy Bear is also found on a shelf in the slipping quarters.


A large chalkboard in the main office shows the local weather: Light rain changing to heavy, High of 58 Fahrenheit and a low of 42 Fahrenheit. The wind will increase to 14 knots and visibility will only be 8 miles.

Call of Duty: Vanguard

Night Light