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Release Date November 5, 2021
Location Demyansk
Remakes None
Release DateLocationRemakes
November 5, 2021DemyanskNone

At this small church and village on the Lovat River, Allied Forces spread out to ambush the Axis before they can successfully retreat with supplies and equipment. This small-sized map has a river dividing combat between the western Church and eastern Lumberyard. – Demyansk

outside of demyansk

Two large lakes can be seen outside of Demyansk along with lots of snow coverage. The map is surrounded by farmland and many snow-covered mountains. The sky is blue with some cloud coverage, making for a great winter-style battle.


Many gravestones are seen along the treeline in the back of the spawn with only two having a name and date, one gravestone translates from Russian to Vitalo Gorbachev 1834-1910 and the other translates to Vladimir Bukazor 1845-1921

Call of Duty: Vanguard

Night Light