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Release Date January 30, 2018
Location Prague, Czechia
Remakes Prague, Czechia
Release DateLocationRemakes
January 30, 2018Prague, CzechiaNone

Battle in Prague, site of the assassination of Reinhard Heydrich by Czech Resistance fighters. Great Domination matches with ranged opportunities across the river and along the bridge. – Anthropoid


Outside Anthropoid you will see a snow-covered city and on the other side open water with boats floating towards the Charles bridge. In the far distance a nice sunset over the mountains. Planes are also seen flying around in the sky during gameplay.


Inside the Resistance Hideout, you will find a plan of attack on the city, explosives, and guns are seen around the room with the song L’amour D’autrefois (The Love of Old) playing from the radios.


The center of the map has water you can swim in; the water is very dirty making it hard to see players hiding in it.


Karolo Quarto a Monument to the Holy Roman Emperor Charles IV, a statue of him with four women at the base can be seen in the streets and around other spots of this map.

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