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Release Date January 30, 2018
Location Paris, France
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January 30, 2018Paris, FranceView All

French resistance battles rage in the streets of Paris in this classic remake from MW3. Mid-range engagements through city streets and shops. – Occupation


The Eiffel Tower is just outside of Occupation with a backdrop of nice blue skies and the sun shining through the clouds with lots of houses and buildings surrounding the map.


The Kilroy Was Here Easter egg can be seen painted on the wall at the end of the middle street next to the tank. Kilroy was here is from World War ll, US soldiers would carve or spray paint it everywhere they have been with no one knowing who the people doing it were.


On this remake of Resistance, tanks can be seen and heard driving past the lower side of the map every few seconds. The tank tracks can be distracting if you are trying to listen to footsteps.

Call of Duty: World War 2

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