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Release Date November 3, 2017
Location Carentan, France
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November 3, 2017Carentan, FranceView All

A remake of the classic map from Call of Duty 2. Street fighting with plenty of elevated overwatch positions. – Carentan


Lots of farmland, small houses, and broken buildings are seen on the outskirts of Carentan with lots of trees in the far distance.  


A dead US soldier can be found in the hill spawn laying in the grass wearing an army helmet and US army gear. Anyone know his name?


Three MG 42 mounted machine guns are found around this map, one on the hill, one in the apartment building, and the last one in the main street on the sandbag wall facing the center of the map.


A winter version of the map called Winter Carentan was released during the Winter Siege and Resistance event. The map can still be played online now but not in a private match.

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