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Shipment 1944

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Release Date November 3, 2017
Location Omaha Beach, France
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Release DateLocationRemakes
November 3, 2017Omaha Beach, FranceView All

The frenetic classic from Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare, brought to life for Call of Duty WWll as a shipment area on Normandy beach. – Shipment 1944


Lots of stuff going on outside of Shipment 1944, you will find military trucks always driving past and lots of soldiers walking in the distance along with many big ships on the beachside. The outside of the map is scattered with a massive military presence.


The games Headquarters can be seen from the battle area. Everything except the battle area resembles the Headquarters. No Kilroy Easter eggs are found on this map. Let me know if you have found it.


On top of the hill you will find a teddy bear missing an arm, sitting on a chair with coffee and binoculars watching over the battle. You will need a sniper or spectating mode to see him.

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