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Release Date November 3, 2017
Location Gibraltar, Iberian Peninsula
Remakes None
Release DateLocationRemakes
November 3, 2017Gibraltar, Iberian PeninsulaNone

Cliff-side fortifications atop the Rock of Gibraltar. Intense stand-off battles in the center with vertical combat opportunities to the flanks. – Gibraltar


Gibraltar Royal Navy ships are seen burning outside of Gibraltar, along with planes flying around and taking off from the airstrip below.


The Kilroy Was Here Easter egg can be seen on the wall next to the radio inside of the storage room. Kilroy was here is from World War ll, US soldiers would carve or spray paint it everywhere they have been with no one knowing who the people doing it were.


This map features two window-mounted MG-42 machine guns, one in the security room looking over the pathway on the beachside of the map and the other aimed at the center of the map in the rock building.


Be sure to pay attention as the center of the map has a deep pit between both buildings. You will fall to your death if you don’t watch your steps.

Call of Duty: World War 2

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