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Gustav Cannon

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Release Date November 3, 2017
Location Unknown
Remakes None
Release DateLocationRemakes
November 3, 2017UnknownNone

The massive Gustav railway gun set in the rolling hills of the Crimean Peninsula. Long range combat opportunities at their most extreme. – Gustav Cannon


Snow-covered mountains are seen all around this cannon styled map with army tents and equipment set up all over the place waiting for battle. Army trenches with machine guns and barbed wire are seen down one full side of Gustav Cannon.


The Kilroy Was Here Easter egg can be seen inside of the outhouse just outside of the map room with another one seen on the side of a building outside of the map. Kilroy was here is from World War ll, US soldiers would carve or spray paint it everywhere they have been with no one knowing who the people doing it were.


Small rubber duckies are seen on a lot of the maps in this game, the one found here is on the shelf next to the bunkbeds.

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