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Call of Duty Maps

Lethal Equipment

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Handheld Lethal Equipment from the 1900s, this selection of equipment provides players with explosives, Throwing Knives, and even some lethal fire.

mk2 fragmentation

MK 2 Fragmentation
Anti-personnel device that destroys the target with a burst of flying shrapnel.
6 Meter Blast Radius, Long Throw Distance.
Unlocked: Default

n74 st

N° 74 ST
Plastic explosive device that sticks to targets before detonating. Device designed as an anti-tank grenade.
5 Meter Blast Radius, 2 Second Fuse.
Unlocked: Rank 9

smine 44

S-Mine 44
Deployable pressure-activated mine that lifts into the air before detonation.
4 Meter Blast Radius.
Unlocked: Rank 22

throwing knife

Throwing Knife
Lethal Thrown Blade Weapon, throw it and pick it back up.
40 Meter Throw Range.
Unlocked: Rank 37

satchel charge

Satchel Charge
Lethal remote-detonated explosive. Sticks to surfaces.
6 Meter Blast Radius, Short Throw Distance.
Unlocked: Rank 49

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