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Call of Duty Maps

Tactical Equipment

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Handheld Tactical Equipment from the 1900s, this selection of equipment provides players with the tools to disorient or blind the enemy. Cover an area with smoke or gas the enemies out of the area.

british n69

British N° 69
Device that disorients and shows the target when detonated.
10 Meter Effect Radius.
Unlocked: Default

smoke grenade

Smoke Grenade
Device that creates a smoke screen when detonated.
8 Meter Effect Radius, Lasts for 10 Seconds.
Unlocked: Rank 5

mkv gas grenade

MK. V Gas Grenade
Device that unleashes a poisonous smoke screen which blurs the vision and impairs movement.
4 Meter Radius, Lasts for 5 Seconds.
Unlocked: Rank 29

signal flare

Signal Flare
Device that produces an intense light, blinding and disorienting targets that are in its field of view.
6 Meter Effect Radius, Lasts for 3.5 Seconds.
Unlocked: Rank 44

Call of Duty: World War 2
Night Light